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San Sebastián, Spain

If you have ever been to Spain, you will know that there are many beautiful cities to visit. If you have been to northern Spain, Basque Country, you will know that San Sebastián is the crown jewel. It is a city rich with history and beauty.

San Sebastián resides on the northern coast of Spain, sitting on the Atlantic Ocean and only 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) from the French border.

It is a town steeped in fishing trade, and has some delicious delicacies to try. It has beautiful beaches, with everything from surfers to soccer players enjoying it daily. There are several museums ( that are filled with the history through the present of the city, as well as the role San Sebastián has played in the evolution of Spain and its place in the Basque society. I would say the town is most well know, and rightfully so, for it's pintxos bars and amazing food. However, there are several hidden (or not so hidden) gems about the city that totally make it worth exploring.

There is an aquarium ( , that at first look inside, makes you question the €13 entry charge, but once you really get into the aquarium, you find an underwater world full of life, beauty and awe. It is a serene, yet an engaging up close experience with everything from sharks and sea horses to exotic fish, reminiscent of "Nemo & Dory," and stingrays. It is an enthralling experience for the young and old.