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About Us

Your guide, Heather, is a foodie, wine connoisseur, and a lover of travel and adventures at heart. 

After traveling to many countries on her own, Heather realized her favorite experiences always involved exploring hidden gems with new local friends she met along the way. Traveling with a local’s perspective allowed her to be immersed in the culture, try new foods, and see things off the beaten paths, not just cross off tourist attractions from a list. 

Having a local to curate the travel experience was the difference between good trips and amazing adventures. Wanting to share this sense of wanderlust with others, Eat, Drink, Travel the World was launched! Now you, too, can experience travel and adventures in a whole new way. 

Join us and we will specially tailor and guide you on an experience to the things you have always wanted to see and try, and most likely a few you never knew you would love!

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