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A French Délice

Parlez vous français? Roughly translated, do you speak French? I do not. While speaking French in France would be very useful, one does not need to speak French to know that France does many things well, especially food and wine. Everything from delicious macarons, to steak tartare and fabulous Bordeaux's and Champagne's. France is like a roller coaster for your mouth, some of it is a build up to a peak, some will take your stomach as you indulge, and some will lead you calmly back to where you started, with the anticipation of enjoying the ride again. Not only are the food and drink in France something of a tastebud amusement park, but they are also works of art. The amount of detail to presentation, is something to be admired. Simply the way they are even put in the display cases is enough to make you want one of everything, and hang the picture on your wall!

There are many cultures that bring exquisite food and drink to the table, both in taste and presentation, but many model after the French, and for very good reason. They do savory as well as sweet. It was such a treat to try foods I don't eat often. For example: