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Living the Experience

Have you ever seen pictures of some place and thought to yourself,"Wow, I'd love to see that in person." Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere, but didn't have anyone to go with or weren't sure where to start? Have you ever just needed an amazing get-away but haven't had the time to plan it all. Let me introduce you to the solution to your little dilemma...ME! I am currently living in Spain, and have been planning adventures for friends and family for a while now. This has given me some great insight and connections be able to help you now also come live an amazing experience!

Do you dream of trying amazing food or outstanding wines? You're in luck! Spain's gastronomy game is very strong, and it has drinks that equally compliment it. Everything from local specialities, in the form of tapas, to featured muliti-course meals. Visit the panaderia's and revel in the aroma of fresh baked breads daily. Visit markets that have fresh-from-the-farm produce that is even more scrumptious than it looks. Enjoy seafood caught minutes to hours before, so delicious you will feel like you're tasting part of heaven (fortunately a significant portion of Spain is flanked by one ocean/sea or another). Are you a wine lover? Spain is a cornucopia of fantastic wines that will tantalize your palate and thrill your tastebuds. You will find wineries that are not only beautiful, but rich in history, tradition, and outstanding wine.