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Living the Experience

Have you ever seen pictures of some place and thought to yourself,"Wow, I'd love to see that in person." Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere, but didn't have anyone to go with or weren't sure where to start? Have you ever just needed an amazing get-away but haven't had the time to plan it all. Let me introduce you to the solution to your little dilemma...ME! I am currently living in Spain, and have been planning adventures for friends and family for a while now. This has given me some great insight and connections be able to help you now also come live an amazing experience!

Do you dream of trying amazing food or outstanding wines? You're in luck! Spain's gastronomy game is very strong, and it has drinks that equally compliment it. Everything from local specialities, in the form of tapas, to featured muliti-course meals. Visit the panaderia's and revel in the aroma of fresh baked breads daily. Visit markets that have fresh-from-the-farm produce that is even more scrumptious than it looks. Enjoy seafood caught minutes to hours before, so delicious you will feel like you're tasting part of heaven (fortunately a significant portion of Spain is flanked by one ocean/sea or another). Are you a wine lover? Spain is a cornucopia of fantastic wines that will tantalize your palate and thrill your tastebuds. You will find wineries that are not only beautiful, but rich in history, tradition, and outstanding wine.

Are you looking to explore the amazing architecture Spain has to offer? Want to experience buildings and cities built centuries ago? See ruins and cathedrals bathed in glory and character? Would you like to walk through medieval towns and feel like you are walking through history? See architecture that is as diverse as you can imagine. You will see everything from medieval villages to modern buildings. Given that the Moors ruled over many parts of Spain for approximately 800 years, there is evidence of this in some of the spectacular, and unique, decor and architecture in many places you must visit. From ancient dwellings to modern buildings, Spain has it all!

Maybe you're more of an outdoor adventurer? Well, never fear, because the beauty and scenes of Spain are breathtaking. Spectacular beaches with pristine sand and crystal clear waters are just some of your options. Prefer to surf? There are several beaches that offer waves for even the most daring surfers. There are mountains for hiking or skiing (depending on the time of year you visit). Views from mountain tops that seem unbelievable. The Camino de Santiago, that is a pilgrimage that walks across all of the north of Spain, is often an life changing experience for so many. As a sports lover, it is hard to beat the enthusiasm and vigor shown by Spaniards in a soccer's unlike any other experience in the world! Fancy a golf game, bring your clubs or rent at a club house, but there are many options.

If art and culture are more your style, there are museums and theatre that will delight you. Imagine everything from street performers to private concerts in the churches of small villages, art displays and murals on buildings. There are opera houses and theatre buildings as grand as the performances they host...all just waiting for you to come and enjoy.

If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime, let me help. If you are ready to live the experience, let's go!

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1 Comment

Jesse Foster
Jesse Foster
Sep 02, 2021

This was a lovely read Heather, thank you!

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