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All The Little Things

Have you ever lived somewhere, then moved and desperately missed things from there. Specific restaurants, the little market that carried your favorite item you can't find anywhere else, a view that never got old or anything else that beckoned you back? For me, it is the town of Logroño, Spain. It is so different from everything I ever knew, yet it feels like home.

Have you ever taken the time to go out and really explore the town you live in? Not just be caught up in the chaos of your everyday life, but looked, at all the little nuances that your city holds. That cafe with your favorite coffee, or wine, the recycling business that takes everything, not just cardboard or plastic, the small independently owned restaurant that makes the best food you've ever had (outside of your mother) but looks like a hole in the wall. I encourage you, take your kids, your best friend, your dog, and go for a walk and just explore what you normally are too busy to see.

What are some of the things you miss about your lighthouse city, or better yet, what are some of the things you love where you are at? I love good wine, good food, and good company. Fortunately, I am in a place with an abundance of all. Life is pretty short all things considered, don't forget to enjoy it while you're here. Take the adventure, and feel free to share some of your favorite things with me!

Just a few of my favorite things here:

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