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Catching Spring

2020 has certainly not been what the world was anticipating. From political changes to a global pandemic that has taken hold of the world as we know it, it is hard to find a "normal" routine for many. Despite all of the stops, the fear, and much unknown, one thing has remained true, and that is change. People don't always love change, but without it, life doesn't move forward.

Spring is such a great reminder, change, while sometimes painful, leads to new growth, new opportunities, new life. While living in a country that is strictly shut down, I relish the opportunity to go to the market, if for no other reason than to go outside. This week while walking, I tried to be especially mindful of what I have around me. It was in this that I noticed, new life, on the trees, in the flower buds, and in the air. I've had people share bird's nest with eggs and new hatchlings. Being in the midst of a global pandemic, has proven to be isolating, monotonous, and for many grave and annihilating, much like winter can be, cold, dark and often sterile. Fortunately for us all, spring brings with it new life, effervescence and fertility.

The joy of having a new day, in the past has often been lost on many of us. We are at a unique time right now, where each new day is something that we can not only appreciate, but also have the time to celebrate. So wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, stop, pour a glass of cava or wine (and use the big glass), celebrate with those around you, and be grateful we have the opportunity to live one more day!

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