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Look Up

People of the world have been living in a unique, and peculiar, time in the history. Not by choice, the world has slowed to a creep, and in many instances, a standstill. People have had weeks to: reevaluate their priorities, learn how (and who) to love (often from very far away) and express that love in a new way, learn how to slow down (because let's face it, the world has become a I want it/get it/do it now culture), and mostly discover what is most valuable to them. Make no mistake, working, income, school, socializing, all of these things are important, and vital to not just local, but global economies and cultures, as well as the political stages.

However, in this incredibly unusual time, people have been given a gift. A gift to be able to not just know what they value, but miss it, appreciate it, embrace it. Maybe that is time with family. Losing family members, or having forced family fun time with them, is a guaranteed way to remind you what you love and treasure most about those people. Maybe that is a (re)new(ed) regard for the beauty of the nature around you. Working on your garden, even if it's only out your window.

In this time, as the world is starting to open back up, I pray we don't loose sight of these gifts we have been given. I pray we remember to not be in such a rush, and stop and smell the roses. I pray we will go on walks and look up and see the birds nest that we didn't notice before. I hope we see the intricate architecture of time gone before us.

I hope that as you start going back into the world, you remember to look around, and relish the fact that there is beauty all around us. New and hip, old and classical. I hope you stop, even if for a minute, to admire the art work in a window.

I hope that you take the time to walk or spend time with those you love. Spend some time learning a new hobby because it makes you smile and gives you time with others, not because you have too. It is a very big world we live in, and every corner of it has something worth seeing. I hope you remember to look up.

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