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Visions of Fairy Tales

Visiting small towns in Europe often feels like stepping into the pages of some of our favorite fairy tale towns. From cobblestone streets and century old buildings, grandiose doors that are simple but antiquely magnificent, to flower decorated windows and locals enjoying a glass of wine or coffee on patios. While these are tales as old as time, it can also feel like living in a dream...or visiting one at least.

Some of the joys of visiting these century old cities are also some of the exquisite and markedly delicious foods, and delectable wines shared with warm and welcoming company. If you're close to a coast, odds are you are going to experience some amazing seafood, in other areas, cheese platters or speciality meats will delight your pallet and thrill your soul.

It isn't just the small towns that feel like a fairy tale, but all that surrounding it. There are century old bridges that have weathered time, flowing rivers that dance through the cities, and depending on where you are, vineyards of dreams waiting for harvest. Everyday invites you to take a walk or ride and participate in not only the living history, but what is bound to be a reminisce future.

Strap on your comfortable shoes, grab your passport, and take the first opportunity you get to go experience this great big world we live in. Revel in the nostalgia, marvel at the wonders, indulge in the delights. Go, live the experiences, you won't regret it!

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